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The Hidden Dreams Tarot

A synthesis of symbolism and lore.

The Hidden Dreams Tarot was designed with the intention of having the imagery speak the symbolism and meaning in a more obvious, modern way. In the process, I discovered a lot of clear associations with things outside of Tarot. Egyptian, Hebrew, Celtic, Nordic, and Greek mythology all began to factor in, along with numerology, astrology, and colours. Over the course of a year, I took notes on all of these associations, and clarified their mappings.

Most tarot decks dig deep into a single lore. The Hidden Dreams Tarot synthesizes them all.

I originally drew these cards purely for my own use. When I finished, I wasn't able to find a printer who could run off a single deck for anything affordable, so I ended up printing them as photos: gluing card-back photo to each card-front photo, back to back. I then laminated them by hand. I've had this deck for a few years now - it's bulky, not very nice to look at, and the laminate is beginning to peel on some cards.

Years later, people having been asking for their own copy, and it seems as though it might be possible to print off a small run, allowing other people to benefit from the journey I took in putting these together. I have taken the time to redraw each card, making improvements along the way. The text is separate, so it's easier to read, the aspect ratio is standardized, and I believe my drawing skills have improved significantly over the years.

Hidden Dreams Tarot Star Card Before and After

I've also been organizing my notes, in order to print up an illustrated guide to the cards, and any related information I came across during the course of my research. There are quick reference charts on astrology, planets, and runes. I've also illustrated pages on entheogens, crystals, and more. The guide book will be printed in full colour, because colours are often integral to the symbolism, and because us humans tend to be very visual.

Always mixing up the glyphs for Saturn and Capricorn? It's easier to remember that Saturn is the yellow one.

Hidden Dreams Tarot Book Pages Teaser

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. Sign up here if you want the inside scoop. I'll send you sneak peaks and keep you up to date on when the Kickstarter campaign is going to launch.

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