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Feels Monsters

These characters are intended to personify a single emotional state - I want the viewer to look at one of these characters, and immediately feel what that character is feeling.

Mischeif by Macpeters Masked Fear by Macpeters Eagerness by Macpeters Cracking Under the Pressure by Macpeters Dancing With the Universe AKA Shpongle: Codex 6 by Macpeters Stubborn Resentment by Macpeters Bliss by Macpeters
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Skateboard Decks

All of these skateboards have had their fun in the sun - they are the cracked remnants of their former selves, given new life

Super Friends Exterminate by Macpeters Sam from Trick R Treat Grateful Dead Jerry Bear Broken Robot Mushroom Eye by Macpeters Bee by Macpeters
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Octo-buddy by Macpeters at Fulton Fitness, St Catherines Alarmed Fish Recycling Barrel by Macpeters Chameleon by Macpeters Bee by Macpeters Ribbit by Macpeters Robot by Macpeters Graf Mouse by Macpeters
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Maryanne Peters is a mostly self-taught artist from Toronto, Canada, creating visionary art. She has taken a few of workshops with artists she admires: Alex Grey and Chris Dyer. She plans to do more such workshops in the future, with different artists, believing that each has something different to teach. Some of the artists she has been inspired by include Etien, Olga Klimova, Neil Gibson, Bosch, and Tom LaPierre

She works with acrylic paint, and has recently added spraypaint and airbrush in order to challenge herself and learn fresh skills and techniques. She hopes to produce a lot of street art in warmer months, as well as continue painting canvas and the odd skateboard

Artist Statement

Why Art?

I grew up in relative silence - barely speaking until well into adulthood. I find words are often misconstrued, or taken out of context. I have a strong sense that if I can just produce the right images, I’ll be able to reach people in new ways. Through art it is possible to share the human experience and connect on a meaningful level.

What Inspires?

I am inspired by the vast bio diversity around us and the heights and depths that the human mind is capable of extending to. There are so many ways to experience life - and they are all beautiful.

What is the Intention?

I want people to be able to recognise something of themselves in my art - whether it’s through a pop culture character they recognize, or through an emotional state which they share with one my characters. I believe people can greatly benefit from knowing they aren’t alone in whatever they are feeling, even though their specific experience is unique.

What’s the Process?

I paint with acrylic, usually with UV reactive paint. I mix together airbrush with brush paint in order to achieve different effects, and dabble in a bit of spray paint when the weather is nice. Follow me on Instagram (@macpetersart) to join me in my journey!

Check out my urban sketches as well - I plan on doing a lot more of these.

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